Tenzing Corp guarantees specific performance characteristics that you will not find at other providers.  DataCenter-Pro only enters agreements for the areas of expertise we possess.  This ensures that expertise Tenzing Corp represents, buys you the most efficient use of time as well!

All DataCenter-Pro SEs are Manufacture trained and certified with many years of demonstrated knowledge and satisfactory performance.

We deploy personal to maximize expertise!  If the expertise you require differs from ours… we’ll refer you to a partner’s whose does.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Asset/Data Center Mapping and Tracking
  • Data Center Moves
  • Intelligent Cooling assessment and installations
  • Intelligent Power assessments and installations
  • Data Center Health Checks
  • Out of Band Access assessments and installations
  • LANDesk Deployments

DataCenter-Pro Service Offerings for you to choose from:

TEAM Pro Services – Hourly Rate
The TEAM Pro Service Solution is probably the most typical found across the industry today.  DataCenter-Pro offers this solution as well and based on our 10 hour days.

The TEAM Pro solution can be purchased under an Open PO and can be based on objectives agreed to in advance, or an approximate agreed to time period based on your allowable budget to accomplish as much as feasible.  Approximately $240 to $280 per hour depending on the solutions involved.

The TEAM Pro solution can be very beneficial when it comes to:

  • Last minute needs
  • Unscheduled outages and repairs
  • Emergency Services
  • Design and Consultation
  • Out-sourced Expertise
  • One-Off Deployments (Where Training In-House there is just no ROI)

TEAM Pro Services can be purchased by:

  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Ad-Hoc
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Retainers

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PARTNER Pro Service – 2 day or more on-site
When purchasing a complete solution from DataCenter-Pro we understand you want to get the most amount of tangible product including hardware and software as the budget will allow.  It is for this reason that DataCenter-Pro has developed the Partner Pro Services offering.

The Partner Pro service choice allows you to maximize your purchase by putting the Icing On The Cake, so to speak, with deeply discounted service prices that make you question if you could afford to do it yourself for the price we are quoting!

Face It… We all know that First-Time deployments all have intricacies that we didn’t anticipate and always shake our heads at!  In many cases the work performed has a One-Time Knowledge requirement and your time would be better spent learning How To Use the solution you are deploying. The Partner Pro service solution is designed to eliminate that Wasted Time…

The Partner Pro pricing is such that when you consider the experience your are getting you understand and realize the Time, Money, and Effort you are saving. 

With Partner Pro service you get a complete Post-Installation overview and training of the services provided complete with all applicable drawings and any customization that needed to occur.

This means that you can benefit from the most efficient SEs available with expertise specific to your solution no matter where in our coverage area you are located…

Partner Pro Service    $2,000 to $1,600 Per Day (Expenses Included/2-Day Minimum) all travel expenses are included.
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EXPERT Pro Services - Install and annual maintenance.

Our Most Inclusive, and comprehensive, services package Expert Pro is designed to cover all areas of responsibilities pertaining to your specific solution… Or in essence, taking Expert ownership!

Taking Expert ownership of responsibilities for the solution would cover:

EXPERT Pro Services        
Statement of Work varies per client and project. Talk to DataCenter-Pro for the specifics on your project and off load the planning, preparations and work on an Expert Pro. $12k to $120k Annually (Includes Fixed Expenses)

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