Who is Tenzing Corp?
Tenzing Corp is a company solely committed to giving you the best consulting possible regarding your (DCIM) Data Center Infrastructure Management initiatives.

We like to say that DCIM is an endeavor not a product/solution. Tenzing Corp is committed to helping you summit this initiative one peak at a time…

At Tenzing Corp the focus is on providing a solution for our clients with a consultative approach in mind and comprises the following Divisions of Expertise:


Customer satisfaction and SOLUTION ORIENTATED attitudes are encouraged and embraced.

Tenzing Corp carries a specific highly specialized line of products and services with the intention of keeping an emphasis on expertise, as opposed to a generalized shotgun approach.

Solutions and Expertise are:

100% End to End IT Infrastructure Management Solutions
Integration Services – Tenzing Corp has the experience and carries all the certifications you need to get the job done right!

With offices in California, Arizona and Colorado Tenzing Corp is prepared to meet the challenges of small, medium and large IT Infrastructure environments. Whether managing ten or 3,000 devices from a local or remote location, Tenzing Corp can assist in meeting the needs of any IT environment.

KVMPro Client - MGM
KVMPro Client - Disney
KVMPro Client - USC
KVMPro Client - DOD
KVMPro Client - SAIC
KVMPro Client - VIASAT
KVMPro Client - Technicolor
KVMPro Client - New Century
KVMPro Client - LPL
KVMPro Client - ROEL Construction
KVMPro Client - First American
KVMPro Client - US Navy
KVMPro Client - Paramount
KVMPro Client - US Air Force
KVMPro Client - Ticketmaster
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